Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ariens 920014 Double Stage Gas Snow Blower

I can not determine why Ariens named this snow blower the Small 2-4 It's anything-but little. Nonetheless, when compared with a 42" behemoth I guess this version qualifies. Best of all, it possesses a good section of the snow cleaning power of these actually large units.

The Ariens Small 24 (additionally known as the ST24LE or sometimes only the 920014) is a two-phase snow blower providing - no surprise - 24 inch cleaning width. You might be surprised by what - it did me - is while delivering strength and serious lastingness how small several of the other specs are.

For example, it weighs just 178 lbs. That's far from feather-weight but it's uncommonly light for a snow thrower that delivers this degree of cleaning skill. It quantifies 51.9" long x 26.4" wide x 44.3" large).

One reason for this skill is the 3-knife serrated steel auger. With a dimension of 11" it's not the greatest auger approximately however it is tough. It's getting more widespread to work with plastic nowadays.

Granted, modern-day plastic augers are light-weight, letting them whirl swiftly while requiring less engine electricity. And, materials these days are quite sturdy. Nonetheless, they get chewed up quite fast on gravel-load driveways or pavements. This one may get a ding or two (that can be smoothed out if you need to) but it'll never break.

Still another reason for this high powered functionality is the 208cc Briggs & Stratton engine on board. Accurate, that's not the greatest available by any stretch.

You can read more about snow blowers HERE

Those come from a gasoline-run, 4-routine OHV design with cast-iron tools casing. The gas power can last a good long time - at the very least a number of hours, usually - courtesy of the 3.2 quart (0.8 gallons/3.0 L) gas tank.

At once, it's easy to start utilizing the electric-run push button system. Simply put it in to any normal 120V outlet and go.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dance / Art Workshop Day 1

Todays Theme was a Fall Festival. We had fun creating Magical Masks and Lighted Lanterns...The Lanterns were a great addition to our Art Room. They really brought things to life! This year, we had about 30 students sign up. There were 12 children in the 4-6 Year old class, 14 children in the 7-9 year old class and 4 children in the 10-12 year old class. They really kept us moving. It was so much Fun!!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dance / Art Workshop Day 3

Today's Theme was Spring. We made fun little Wire Bugs. We then were finally able to complete our Mural of "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" by Geroges Seurat. It's another Great addition to the Art Room. Today's Theme was Wonderful Winter. We did Watercolor Polar Bears using 4 different techniques and the younger class put together Winter Collages... (thanks to Amy I have a wonderful collage of the winter collages...I was not so consistent in taking pictures. It was just too exciting in the art room)

Dance / Art Workshop Day 4

Today we celebrated Summer. These were little hanging mobiles made out of plastic cups based on the work of Dale Chihuly...I found this idea HERE They had a ton of fun creating these, although they were very messy! If we do it again, it's much better to use Acrylic Paint as Tempera Paint just peels right off. It was a great idea and the kids loved it and that's really whats important... Our Next Dance / Art Workshop will be July 18-21. If anyone is interested in joining us, let me know...It will be the last one this summer and the last Art class for me for atleast a year as I will be having a another wonderful little baby in the Fall...